Silke Scheuermann

Thursday 15 February @ 8.30PM. Cork Arts Theatre.


Silke Scheuermann's first collection, Der Tag an dem die Möwen zweistimmig sangen (The Day on which the Sea Gulls Sang in Two Parts, 2001) received the prestigious Leonce-und-Lena-Preishas prize. Scheuermann has written two subsequent poetry collections including Der zärtlichste Punkt im All (The Most Tender Place in the Universe, 2004) and a short-story collection (Rich Girls, Schoffling & Co.) and a novel translated as The Hour Between Dog and Wolf (And Other Stories). She has published both poetry and prose in various journals and anthologies, amongst others in ‚neue deutsche literatur’, ‚Beste Erzähler 2001’, edited by Verena Auffermann (DVA), and ‚Lagebesprechung’, edited by Kurt Drawert. 

At the Literarischer März 2001 in Darmstadt she received, together with Sabine Scho, the Leonce-und-Lena-Preis ‚in recognition of the originality of her tone, a musical idiom of ironic melancholy that is well formed and yet knows how to embrace things almost nonchalantly.’ In their citation the jury went on to say: "Here a poet, still young, promises to tell with great lightness of the fragility of all remembrance and love, to give them space and to let them become poetry."

Her work has been translated into languages including Chinese, Thai, Sweedish and Arabic. She was the 2016 recipient of the Berthold-Brecht-Literaturpreis and is a member of PEN Germany.




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