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Dermot Bolger


14 February at 7pm at the Cork Arts Theatre.
Reading with John W. Sexton.


Dermot Bolger


Tickets available at door or prepay through the Cork Arts Theatre at 021-4505624


Dermot Bolger born Dublin 1959.  He has published eleven novels include The Journey Home, Father’s Music, The Valparaiso Voyage, Night Shift and others. His ninth collection of poems, The Venice Suite: A Voyage Through Loss, was published in 2012 and his New and Selected Poems will appear in late 2014. He is also a playwright, anthologist and founded Raven Arts Press which published Sara Berkeley, Patrick Cotter, Anthony Cronin, Patrick Galvin, Michael O’Loughlin and Matthew Sweeney among many others before morphing into New Island Books.


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