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Poetry Films


13 February at 4pm at the Cork Arts Theatre.

Poetry Films


Admission: FREE

A screening of poetry films featuring work by classic and contemporary poets.

An excerpt from Night Mail by W.H. Auden. Music by Benjamin Britten.
(Post Office Film Unit 1936, UK. Approx. 4 minutes)

Everyday Moments Caught in Time--TED Talk by Billy Collins
(Various directors, USA. 15 minutes)

First Death in Nova Scotia by Elizabeth Bishop
(Director John D. Scott 2013, Canada. 6.38 minutes)

The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W.B. Yeats
(Director/Producer Don Carey 2013, Ireland. 2.21 minutes)

Miriam's Song by Shabnam Piryaei
(Director Shabnam Piryaei 2013, USA. 5.12 minutes)

Grand Union Bridge by Ian Duhig
(Director Alastair Cook 2013, UK. 4.50 minutes)

The Black Delph Bride by Liz Berry
(Director Alastair Cook 2013, UK. 3.13 minutes)

by Alice Oswald
(Directors Alice Oswald & Chana Dubinski 2013, UK. 5.56 minutes)


*This line-up may change slightly.


Poetry Society

This event is made possible, in part, by support from
The Poetry Society (UK).



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