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Brian Turner: The Poem as Timeless Cinematography
(limited to 15 participants, cost €180)

This 4-session workshop will look at contemporary examples of poems that merge narrative and lyric modes to create an experience of timelessness. Participants will generate new material, trying their hand at infusing their own poems with these gestures towards the sublime and the transcendent. Past creative work of participants will also be workshopped throughout the sessions.



Four Masters, Four Poems
(Limited to
8 participants, cost €250)

wNeil Astley (Wednesday)

TBC (Thursday)

oPatricia Smith (Friday)

mMary O'Malley (Saturday)

In this workshop, each participant will have four of their poems discussed, one by each of the four different masters. The particpant will submit their poems in advance, nominating each to one of the masters who will read them in advance of workshops. 20 minutes will be devoted to each of the 8 poems every day.
Participants must have at least two periodical publication credits.




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Cork International Poetry Festival

13 - 17 February 2018

Cork International Poetry Festival



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